Who Are We?

What is our kids matter?

The simple answer is we provide food, clothing, school supplies, and other items to children in need. But our philosophy is different than most: the main purpose of this campaign is to cut out the middle man. Some charities promise to help children in a certain area but they use a large amount of the donations to take care of execs, staff and advertising rather than the cause you donated too. With this campaign you donate to directly help children in need in the United States.

Chris with Donated Pillows

Why we work!

We research the programs in cities throughout the U.S. and find ones directly responsible for helping children struggling in this country. We find out what items they may need and we make sure they receive those items.

Denver Children Hosptial

How we work!

All donations go to the children. All other expenses are paid by the hard work of volunteers or private funds. 100% of all money donated goes directly into the hands of the children in need.

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Donate today!

There are several ways to help ourkidsmatter. Your time and donations are what puts items in to the hands of our children.


Our GoFundMe page is the easiest way that you can donate to Our Kids Matter.  To donate today, click the button below!  Remember, every dollar you donate goes directly to the kids we are helping.  Not a single penny is spent on overhead

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Venmo is another way that you can donate.  Click the button and help out the children today!

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Use PayPal to donate to ourkidsmatterus@gmail.com


Contact Us

Remember how every donation goes to the children?  Well we do have a little bit of work that occurs behind the scene.  Want to help out by donating your time?  We need people that work directly with our founder to assit us in getting those much needed goods to the children.  Please contact us for more information

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Meet Our Founder

team member

Chris Lee


Born in Hollywood California, Christopher got his brand of humor from traveling from state to state and country to country in a military family. Chris decided to focused on comedy and public speaking after winning a comedy contest in Tacoma, Washington. Since 2005 he has used his sense of humor to join with charities like March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, The Aids Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors and many more. He has been able to work with great comedians like Wayne Brady, Rob Schneider, Luenell Campbell and Bill Cosby. He wrote and directed Passion of the Musical, Mangina Monologues and recently released a comedic bathroom book called “My Book of Libel”.

Christopher’s latest adventure is Ourkidsmatter, a campaign to help feed and clothe children without parents in all fifty states. You might not like his comedy but you have to love his dedication to helping others. Christopher’s favorite saying is ” Don’t hate me, until you can replace me”

To contact Chris about public speaking or booking him for a comedy show, please contact him here.

Current Happenings

See OurKidsMatter latest US tour schedule!

Month City
October 2016 Nebraska
November 2016 Kansas
December 2016 Oklahoma
January 2017 Hawaii
February 2017 Louisiana
March 2017 Iowa , Missouri
April 2017 Arkansas , Mississippi
May 2017 Alabama, Georgia
June 2017 Florida
July 2017 Tennessee , Pennsylvania
August 2017 New York
September 2017 Virginia , West Virginia
October 2017 New Hampshire , Vermont
November 2017 New Jersey, Alaska
December 2017 Massachusetts, Maine

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